Daily Devotionals
  Daily Devotions with John MacArthur
  A Slice of Infinity
www.str.org Stand to Reason (Greg Koukl) - clear thinking Christianity; clear, well thought out and well reasoned essays defending the faith on a variety of topics; can listen to the archived call-in radio shows; great online training courses too.
www.rzim.org Ravi Zacharias International Ministries - To reach and challenge those who shape culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - high level, intellectually challenging yet heart connecting Christian thought by one of the worlds premier Christian apologists - listen to lectures, talks, and read essays.
www.carm.org Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry - lots of apologetic material on cults as well as basic Christian apologetics
www.creationscienceoc.org Very useful material and links regarding creation and evolution
www.jesusfactorfiction.com Jesus: Fact or Fiction - This excellent interactive web site was created to allow you to take a "Journey of Spiritual Discovery" to see and hear experts in history, philosophy, theology and science address more than 50 of life's toughest questions about Jesus, God, and the Bible. Answers are clear, concise, and given in video format.
www.answersingenesis.org Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham's apologetics ministry, with strong and clear emphasis on creation vs. evolution debate. Outstanding, biblically faithful, well-reasoned, and scientifically backed answers to both simple and complex questions of creation, evolution, science, and faith.

Theology - sermons, teaching, doctrine
www.monergism.com A doctrinally comprehensive web site with essays, sermons, online books (many classics) from both modern and historical leaders.
www.ligonier.org Ligonier Ministries (RC Sproul) - home of Renewing Your Mind and awakening as many as possible to the holiness of God - a ministry dedicated to teaching God's people the deeper truths of Scripture in a clear, understandable way. Our Sunday School curriculum is derived from RC - one of the pre-eminent theologians of our time.
www.desiringgod.org Desiring God Ministries (John Piper) - God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him - a rich resource that has great search capabilities. Has the manuscripts of all the sermons John Piper has preached since 1981, as well as audio sermons. He constantly challenges us to take God at His Word and to allow God to produce radical change in us.
www.gty.org Grace to You (John MacArthur) - Unleashing God's Truth One Verse at a Time - incredible expositional verse by verse preaching from one of the great expositional preachers of our generation - can listen to archived sermons
www.biblebb.com A fuller compilation of John MacArthur's works than Grace to You, with just about all his sermons in manuscript form.

Bible Study Resources - great biblical research capabilities - dictionaries, word studies, commentaries, etc.

Christian Living in Our Culture
www.joniandfriends.org Joni and Friends (Joni Eareckson Tada) - dedicated to accelerating Christian ministry to the disabled - lots of inspiring insight into God's heart from one of the most beloved saints in Christendom today - videos, artwork, devotionals, and information on how to get involved in ministries to the disabled.
www.family.org Focus on the Family (James Dobson) - Turning our hearts toward home - a website with full of quality culturally relevant resources for everybody - including special sections for each age group of life, including teenagers.
www.pureintimacy.org Focus on the Family - recovering the heart of sexuality - helpful in showing what God really has in mind for sex, how to battle temptation, live righteously in a sex-saturated world, and how to live with a healthy, biblical view of sex.
www.persecution.org International Christian Concern - serving the victims of Christian persecution - a watch group that keeps track of Christian persecution around the world and strives to be an aid and support to underground Christian pastors and their churches
www.epm.org Eternal Perspective Ministries (Randy Alcorn) - helping Christians live the Christian life with an eternal view point - this web site touches many areas of Christian living, all with eternity in mind; challenging and humbling material.
www.purefreedom.org Pure Freedom aims to equip men and women of all ages to live a vibrant life of purity, to experience healing from past impurity if it exists in their lives and to experience a vibrant, passionate marriage which portrays the love Christ has for his Bride the church. The ministry provides resources with radically-unique approaches to focus on specific issues that teen girls and/or guys face in the area of purity and holiness
www.lote.org Living On the Edge (Chip Ingram) - outstanding, very practical, life changing Bible teaching that meets Christians where they're at, and helps them to move ahead in their spiritual life (which is all of life!). Very specific and applicable to various areas of life
www.passageway.org Youth Ministry website for Billy Graham and has different articles ranging from pop culture to knowing Jesus. A good resource for people who have questions or want a 'Christian' perspective on things.
www.lifewithoutlimbs.org Life without Limbs (Nick Vujicic) Newly updated, this web site will inspire you and will remind you of God's limitless power and grace. Nick is living proof that when Christ is living within us, circumstances cannot rob us of our Joy! Check out videos, pics, and testimonies.
www.ricergenbright.com The Photography of Ric Ergenbright - the award winning photography of world renowned photographer, Ric Ergenbright. His photography and spiritual depth are an incredible combination. God's beauty, through Ric's lenses and writing, will minister to your soul.

Total Devotion is the High School Fellowship at Mandarin Baptist Church of Los Angeles.

Total Devotion meets on every Friday night from 730 PM to 10 PM in Room 131 except for the last Friday of each month.