Library 教會圖書館

  • The library current has over 6,000 printed and media items in its collection.
  • Its Reference Collection is comparable to a small size seminary.
  • The library opens every Sunday from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm (except major holidays - Christmas, New Year, Mother's day).
  • The library collection focus on christian living, commentaries, bible interpretation, christian family, bible characters, christian biographies, etc.
  • The library continues to expand in its collections and try to serve the needs of our members.
  • In 2016, we have a self check out section of light reading materials in the dinning room for people to read while eating their lunch.
  • You are welcome to send us suggestions and if you want to volunteer for the church library, please contact Dora Ho at

Open hour and Location
Sunday 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Main Campus Room 135

  •  本圖書館目前有超過6,000的印刷書籍和 CDs & DVDs。
  •  這裏的参考書相當於一個小型神學院。
  •  圖書館每週日上午10:30至下午1:30開放(除了主要假曰,聖誕節,新年及母親節外)。
  •  圖書館藏書習中於基督教生活,評論,聖經解釋,基督教家庭,聖經人物,基督教傳記等。
  •  圖書館繼續擴大其收藏,並努力滿足我們的成員需求。
  •  在2016年開始,我們提供了一個自助借書的服務讓您在餐廳用午膳時可以閱讀書籍。
  •  歡迎您提供意見或若您有負擔參加本圖書館的志願工作,請與我們聯繫電郵給 Dora Ho

星期日上午10:30 - 下午1:30
教會正堂 135室

New Release 新書介紹